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Strategic Planning Committee

The charge to the committee is to think strategically about the future of the University as a whole, considering both academic and administrative planning. Its members must think institutionally, rather than represent units or other constituents. 

Please contact any SPC member directly with questions or concerns. Members include:

Clark Kelso, Director of Government Affairs/Professor, McGeorge School of Law
Cynthia Weick, Professor/Director of Powell Scholar Program, Eberhardt School of Business
Elisa Anders, Associate Dean of Students, Student Life
Gary Litton, Professor, Engineering and Computer Science
Gene LaBarre, Associate Professor, Dugoni School of Dentistry
Giulio Ongaro, Dean, Conservatory of Music
Jim Hetrick, Professor, Physics
Mike Rogers, Director, Institutional Research
Ray Rennard, Associate Professor, COP - Philosophy 
Roberta Martoza, Risk Management Director, Budget and Risk Management 
Serena Welch, ASUOP Vice President
Sharmila King, Associate Professor, COP - Economics

Maria Pallavicini (chair), Provost
Linda Buckley (staff to the committee), Chief Planning Officer