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    Sociology Professor Explores the ‘Black, White, and Green’ of Farmers Markets

    In her latest book, Alison Hope Alkon, Ph.D., examines race, class and social justice at two contrasting farmers markets—and uncovers the limits of “voting with your fork.”  more‘Black-White-and-Green’-of-Farmers-Markets.html
    Former High School Dropout is Now a Pacific Grad-and Building a 'Dome of Hope' to Help Others

    Gwendolyn Primous ’13 had to overcome poverty, homelessness and even a minor stroke on her road to Pacific’s Commencement Day 2013. Now, she’s using her newfound education to help revitalize her native southeast Stockton neighborhood. more

    Funding from the award will help Caitlin Denton ’15 broaden her understanding of the people, language and culture in Ghana more


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